Hello, and welcome to the new NPS Kochi Alumni Website. One of the premier educational institutions in its part of Kerala, the Naval Public School, Kochi is a branch of the Naval educational institutes set up in the Naval bases across India

This website is dedicated to linking the alumni of our school by maintaining their email addresses and other information about them. Feel free to add your entry in the list by filling out the form, in which you can leave your current contact information, a little bit about your school life, and a few pearls of wisdom to be preserved for the coming generations! Please try to spread the word about this site among your classmates - this site is useful only if people use it.

A photos page has also been provided for the class photos of earlier batches. If your class is not listed, do send a copy of your batch to the webmaster and it will be posted on the website.

A chat area has been implemented on an experimental basis - make sure you register first in order to use it.

Webmaster/Creator : Arun Mathew

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